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Holistic Yoga Flow – The Path of Practice

February 22 – 25, 2018

Do you regard challenge as an opportunity for transformation and growth? Are you passionate about deepening your yoga practice? Turn your world right-side up through a Holistic Yoga Flow program with yoga teacher and kirtan musician Travis Eliot and yoga instructor and meditation teacher Lauren Eckstrom, E-RYT 500.

Look forward to being guided through the ancient teachings of yoga using a distinctly modern approach. Each session will invite you to explore the vast and varied textures of yoga and celebrate health, strength, and purpose.

You will experience theme-based power yoga classes interwoven with Yin Yoga, philosophy discussions, pranayama, meditation, and inspiration.

This immersive weekend program will offer you:

• Insights on how to practice poses with greater integrity and alignment
• Inspiration and creative sequencing ideas
• Meditation and pranayama practices to calm your mind and connect to your breath
• Practical tips for deepening your practice into daily life, on and off the mat
• A rich, balanced experience so you can return home physically invigorated, mentally calm, emotionally balanced, and spiritually fulfilled.

  • Embark on an in-depth journey through the philosophy and practice of yoga to become more integrated.
  • Be enriched, empowered, motivated, and inspired to evolve deeper into your yoga journey, whether you are a student who wants to learn more or a teacher looking for clarity and inspiration.
  • Find balance and harmony through yoga, which strengthens and stretches every link of the bodily chain, dissolves tension and eradicates stress, and brings us back to wholeness.
  • Program Schedule
    Download a sample schedule.
  • Prerequisites
    None required.
  • Experience Level
    None required.
  • What to Wear
    Loose, comfortable clothes for yoga
  • Special Interest
    Yoga students of all levels; yoga instructors